Split shape with dual positions; scrubs baseboards and floors with one stroke. Curved head also effectively scrubs corners.

Ultra thin edge makes sweeping up particles quick and easy. Easy-Lock™ handle securely locks handle in upright position; truly "hands free" emptying.

Solid block, meaning no chance of separation from shroud. Fully washable, long-lasting synthetic bristles will not wear down, break or fall out like conventional corn bristles.

Extra thick sturdy metal handle, with swivel hang cap will not crack, warp, or splinter. Heavy duty reinforced steel internal stud can't be broken.

Extremely durable, yet lightweight. Heavy duty sanitary black plastic frame with easy trigger release, allows you to quickly discard a soiled mop without touching it.


Quickly and easily removes marks from surfaces such as walls, appliances, baseboards, car interiors and exteriors. Chemical-free; requires only water.