Behold® Furniture Polish Lemon is specially designed with wood furniture in mind. Its time-tested formula protects furniture from water spills, wear and stains, leaving behind a brilliant shine and a fresh lemon scent.

Endust® Stainless Steel Cleaner is designed to quickly clean away dust, dirt, fingerprints and water spots from stainless steel. The non-abrasive formula will provide a protective streak-free shine with minimal rub-out. Works great on kitchen appliances, sinks, faucets, countertops, grills and more!

Endust® Multi-Surface Dusting & Cleaning Spray picks up and holds dust, while also eliminating allergens, fingerprints, smears and smudges. The fast-acting and silicone-free formula works on just about any surface, leaving behind a natural shine and a refreshing lemon zest scent. Easy to use aerosol does not leave any residue or build-up.